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Everything begins with a pot… - IOU helps you manage your shared expenses
- Useful with roommates or travel buddies
- Free of charge and without login
No login - Pot access without username or password
- Safe access through a randomly generated address (URL)
- Protection by keeping address confidential
Create pot - Create a pot by providing just a few details
- Necessary details: Name of pot, your first name, email address, currency
- To reach this form, click on the «GET STARTED» button on the home page
Invite participants - The creator of the pot receives two emails
- The first email contains pot address » Forward this to all participants
- The second email contains admin address » Only meant for the creator
- Pot details can be edited in the admin area
General procedure In just a few steps, the newly created pot allows you to manage your common expenses and eventually settle the debts:

1. Add participants
2. Add expenses
3. Show summary in the overview

Use the tabs within the pot to access these three functions at any time (see image below).
Adding participants - Overview and management of participants
- Email address can optionally be provided
- Automatically sends an invitation email
Adding items - Provide description, date, currency and amount
- Automatic currency exchange rate calculation dependent on date
- Consumption distribution: Equal, percentage, fixed
Item overview - Main page of the pott
- Tabular overview of all items
- Sum of all consumed and paid amounts as well as the difference
- The latest 10 items are displayed by default
Resolve - Automatic resolve suggestion
- Algorithm calculates resolution with the minimal amount of transactions
- Displayed by clicking on «Resolve» button
myIOU account - Account for managing multiple potts
- Not required to use basic pot function
- Simply access a pot while signed in to link it to your account
- Simplifies access to pots
- Clear overview of financial situation
- Signing in with Facebook also possible
Let's go Create a pot now - free and without signing up - and convince yourself of the advantages of using IOU for settling debts with your friends on trips or your roommates.